In a secluded valley in the Serra da Sao Mamede, Alto Alentejo, Portugal.

Our Quinta used to be a holiday rental. This is what guests said.

Wildflowers Were Amazing.

The Wildflowers Were Amazing

The Wildflowers Were Amazing

The rain stopping after 3 days had us worried - would we have to leave this nest? Turns out it was quite nice outside after all!

The wildflowers were amazing - I understand that winter had been "real" this year which led to the prolific display.

We recommend visiting some of the local wineyards - one even gave us a free bottle of wine just for visiting. Finding a bad wine here is a real challenge - we didn't succeed.

The house is lovely, the location is amazing and the neighbours were politely bemused by the sight of two very tired joggers (very deceptive the route into the valley). All in all a wonderful holiday despite the less than hoped for weather. Jan and Susan, Utrecht.


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