In a secluded valley in the Serra da Sao Mamede, Alto Alentejo, Portugal.

Walking from Castelo de Vide to Marvao

Distance 11 Km Grade Moderate
Time 4 hours Type Point to point walk

This walk begins in Castelo de Vide and winds its way along Urra, a small hill that separates the fortified town of Castelo de Vide from the hilltop village of Marvao. This is a delightful journey along dirt tracks through olive groves and past an abandoned wind mill that once ground the grain from the local farms. Further on stop and look at the 'Eira' a round grain threshing floor enclosed by a dry stone wall. For centuries farmers have used these granite floors to dry, clean and separate grain.

The path through lichen covered oaks, almost like a tunnel
The ramble towards the castle at Marvao perched on the rock above

The dirt track narrows as you enter an oak forest tucked way and almost forgotten. The trail shows signs of its ancient origins as you walk over stone slabs up to a small ridge. As the forest clears Marvao is clearly visible up ahead and Castelo de Vide is still visible behind.