In a secluded valley in the Serra da Sao Mamede, Alto Alentejo, Portugal.

Duas Pedras Alentejo wine from Quinta do Centro, Portugal.

Duas Pedras Red Alentejo Wine

Duas Pedras Red Alentejo Wine

Duas Pedras Red Alentejo Wine reverse label

Duas Pedras Red Alentejo Wine

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Duas Pedras means "two stones", inspired by the granite and schist found at the vineyard.

If I had to use to one word to describe Duas Pedras it would be Harmony. It is pretty soft too and of all the Alentejo wines I tried in Spring 2014 this one is the most elegant.

I formed that first impression without inspecting the label and I speculated on the grape varieties but was completely wrong. The blend of varieties seem to dovetail so well that there is no point trying to guess. It is just harmony.

When I sip this I hear voices in my head. Those are the voices of Alentejo purists who say "it is not typical".

A second sip and I have to say "Who cares?". Sitting on the deck overlooking the olive terraces with the birds singing and the cascades of the mountain stream with their stereophonic wall of gentle soothing sound, who would mind? If you are a guest staying at the Quinta, I think you get the gist.

The principle grape is Touriga Nacional which is traditional in the Douro region. It's not an Alentejo grape at all. The other two ingredients are Syrah and Viogner which are French so I imagine someone having something to say about that.

It doesn't matter whether or not the wine is typical of Alentejo. Duas Pedras is superb and I urge all our wine loving guests at the Quinta to seek it out and try it.

Grape Varieties: Touriga Nacional (60%), Syrah (38%) and Viogner (2%). Harvested by hand, fermented in "tronco-conic" stainless steel vats at 24°C, producing 10,000 bottles.

The approximate price is €9.50 from an Artesanato/Tourist shop such as you will find in Marvao. However according to the wine maker Richard Mayson you might find Duas Pedras in Continent priced at €5.49. Cheap enough to make me weep with joy.

What it says on the label.

Quote openDuas Pedras is from a partnership between English wine writer Richard Mayson and Portuguese wine maker Rui Reguinga. The wine is a blend of three grape varieties Touriga Nacional, Syrah and a small quantity of Viognier grown at the Quinta do Centro near Portalegre on the westerly slopes of the Serra de Sao Mamede, the highest mountain range in Southern Portugal.

Named after the granite and schist found in the locality, Duas Pedras is bottled without aging in oak to capture the vibrant mountain fruit character.Quote close

Where to find Duas Pedras.

You might not see Duas Pedras in the main supermarkets. It appears in some of the Artesanato shops and local speciality produce shops in places where tourist would go as in Marvao and Castelo de Vide. It also appears in better restaurants. In Portalegre you might find it in the delicatessen at the top of the steps by the entrance to Pingo Doce which is at the top of the main central park.