In a secluded valley in the Serra da Sao Mamede, Alto Alentejo, Portugal.

Casa da Urra Tinto Red Wine

Casa da Urra Tinto Red Alentejo Wine

Casa da Urra Tinto Red Alentejo Wine

Casa da Urra Tinto Red Alentejo Wine reverse label

Casa da Urra Tinto Red Alentejo Wine

Category: Favourite Local

I would not want you to miss this full fruit delight.

This is one of the new wines that has appeared in Serra de Sao Mamede. I first slurped it in March 2013 and rejoiced. I now see they have released a Reserva but I haven't had the chance to sample it.

What it says on the label.

Quote openI have admired and been drawn towards Popular Art since a very young age. This warm and delightful wine is my tribute the the essence of "Alentejana" art.

My friend, enologist Paolo Nigra, helped me honour the design.

The producer: Candido Ferreira.

Grape Varieties: Alfrocheiro, Touriga Nacional, Trincadeira, Aragonez.

Maturation: 12 months in French and American oak barrels. Quote close

Where to find Casa da Urra Tinto.

Probably most supermarkets but definitely E Leclerc and artesanto shops. I E Leclerc you should also find the Urra white so maybe that could be worth a try. Note that E Leclerc at the south of Portalegre also have cheaper Urra wines in boxes but these are likely to be a cheaper blend.